Cambur Ambassdor Recruitment of EY

Time:Apr 30




Dear students,


Campus Ambassador Recruitment of Ernst & Young for 2020-2021 is open for application. The Career Planning and Development Office will provide “Green Pass” recommendation for our students. For those who are interested, please apply through the following steps:


  Online application portal:; this is a must before sending over resume to our mailbox;

  After your application, please email your resume to CPDO mailbox at;

  Your email subject and resume are required to be named as “EY Ambassador-Name-CUHKSZ-Major”, and you may also need to put your name, major, year of graduation, email, contact number in your email;

  The deadline of online application is Apr 30th, 2020, and deadline of the “Green Pass” recommendation is by 10am, Apr 24th, 2020.


As a campus ambassador, you will need to conduct the follow tasks:

  To assist EY in promoting related campus events;

  Be ready to represent EY on campus, helping in brand influence improvement;

  To provide ideas of creativity on running EY campus events;

  Term of responsibility: 1 year.



  Fluent oral and writing skills in Chinese is a must;

  All grades and major backgrounds are welcome to join;

  Great communication and interpersonal skills;

Innovation, strong execution and sense of responsibility is a plus.