Grad Study Counselling

2022 Further Study Lectures 

CPDO's Further Study Lectures for 2022 Fall Semester

2022.9.8, 19:00,2023 Fall Application Timeline and Tips for Multi-Countries/Regions Application

2022.9.9, 19:00,Application Guide for Business Related Programs

2022.9.16, 19:00,Application Guide for Humanities and Social Sciences Programs

2022.9.17, 16:00,Tips for Application Essays

2022.9.18, 16:00,Online application System Guide

2022.9.23, 19:00,Application Guide for Quantitative Related Programs

2022.9.24, 16:00,Application Guide for programs related to mathematics and statistics

2022.9.25, 16:00,Application Guide for natural sciences and engineering programs

2022.10.8, 19:00,Application Guide for programs related to biological sciences

2022.10.9, 19:00,Application for Ph.D. programs 

2022.10.21, 19:00,Interview preparation

CPDO's Further Study Lectures for 2022 Spring Semester

2022.2.18,19:00,The choices of further studies for CUHKSZ students

2022.2.19,16:00,How to spend the four years in university, anxiety-free?

2022.2.25,19:00,How to get the most out of the major of Quantitative Finance?

2022.2.26,16:00,Planning further studies for working in the internet industry

2022.3.10,19:00,Planning further studies for SME students

2022.3.11,19:00,Planning further studies for HSS students

2022.3.13,16:00,New opportunities for public health in the post-COVID era

2022.3.18,19:00,Essay writing: start preparation from now!

2022.3.19,16:00,Introduction to PhD and scholarship applications

All the above courses are conducted via Zoom Meeting or in ZX111. For more details, please refer to CPDO email.

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