Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited

Time:19:00-21:00,Mar 14




The Career Planning and Development Office (CPDO) cordially invites you to the campus talk of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited!


Time: 19:00, Tuesday, March 14

Location: Room 110 of Teaching D

Language: Chinese

Positions: Programming, R&D, Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations, Administration


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About CATL: CATL is a battery manufacturer and technology company founded in 2011 that specializes in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, as well as battery management systems (BMS). With a market share of 32.6% in 2021, CATL is the biggest lithium-ion battery manufacturer for EVs in the world, producing 96.7 GWh of the global 296.8 GWh, up 167.5% year on year. Apart from its headquarter in China, the company set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in countries including Germany, France, the US, Canada and Japan.