Data Analysis Sharing by Students Mentor Dr. Wang

Time:15:00-16:00,Mar 01




The Career Planning and Development Office is to hold a series of online sharing by Students Mentors or employers.

The first session this week will focus on data analysis, and we will invite Dr. Wang Xugang to share his topic speech and career life.


Introduction of Guest Speaker:

Mr. Wang Xugang

Working as Digital Transformation Architect at Pingan now

·    Career Information

Ø  HUAWEI: Promoted the introduction of the Tableau16, trained more than 3,000 Tableau analysts, and basically achieved Huawei's full coverage by Tableau data.

Ø  Vienna Hotels Group: Promoted Vienna Hotel to use WeChat Work and realized the internal digital operation and customer-relationship digital management

Ø  Industrial Bank Co. LTD.: Promoted Industrial Bank to build metadata management system, establishing the foundation for data mining and BI system development

·    Education Information

Ø  Master and PhD. Degree of Economics in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


Introduction of Topic:

During this Spring Festival, the sudden virus has affected many industries, and even many companies are struggling for survival. Meanwhile, more people notice the importance of digital economy, forcing companies to undergo digital transformation.

Dr. Wang will share the current status and career path in data analysis; and conduct a topic speech of Enterprise Digital Transformation with WeChat Work, Tableau, Alteryx and other tools to explain the specific practices of domestic and foreign advanced enterprises on internal and external process collaboration, operation monitoring, analysis optimization, and data mining.


More Details:

1. Time: 3pm to 4pm, Sunday, Mar 1st, 2020;

2. For those who are interested, you may click the below link to join our Zoom meeting, and the sharing will be held online with Q&A sessions:

Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 683 596 871

For those who may have questions towards the installation of Zoom, you can see the attachment for further assistance.

3. Language: Chinese