CUHKSZ Graduates | Online Sharing on IT Industry

Time:15:00-16:00,Mar 08




The Career Planning and Development Office is to hold a series of online sharing by CUHKSZ graduates from different industries.

The Session this week will focus on IT industry, and we have invited 3 graduates to share their job-seeking preparation, suggestions and interesting stories on their career.


Guest Introduction:

1. Mr. CHEN Sibo, graduated in 2019, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, working as Software Engineer of Office365 at Microsoft;

2. Mr. HUANG Zhiwei, graduated in 2020, majoring in Statistical Science, working as Product Manager of Tmall at Ali;

3. Mr. ZHENG Guangya, graduated in 2020, majoring in Marketing, working as Product Manager of WeChat at Tencent.


Sharing Details:

1.  For those who are interested, you may click the below link to join our Zoom meeting, and the sharing will be held online with Q&A sessions;

    Zoom meeting: 

    Meeting ID: 114520385

2.  Time: 15:00 - 16:00, March 8th, 2020;

3.  Language: the sharing is in Chinese, while Q&A session can be in English and Chinese.